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Molly House Production

Duckie presents...

Princess: The Promenade Performance

Socially Distanced Time Travel of the Imagination

Princess is a promenade theatre show where audiences travel around the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and encounter an inter-connected programme of ten distinctive performance installations that reveal the social archaeology of queer underground Georgian London.

Watch extracts of Duckie's

Princess Promenade

This 300-year-old survival guide uncovers the indigenous and imported secret subversive subcultures of the time: the molly houses and the macaronis, the she-husbands and the subversive spinsters, the human zoos and the homo-spielers – against the bescumberous backdrop of the British Empire

Starring Not Your Circus Dog, Neil Bartlett, Ursula Martinez, George Chakravarthi, Harold Offeh, Krishna Istha, Bird la Bird, Ronald Samm, Francois Testory, Kate Conway, D’relle West, Elsabet Yonas, Zed Gregory, EJ Scott and Duckie’s Queer Volunteers


Featuring Marisa Carnesky’s street gangs: the spitters, the scratchers, the flashers and the slashers

Staged for five nights only, this special tour visits the church, the courtyard, the pub, the farm, the railway arch, the architects, the community centre, the horses paddock, the back of a truck and the hole in the wall

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